Innocence Lost

Feb 15–Mar31

Innocence Lost

Feb 15 – Mar 31      Innocence Lost
Curated by James Burke

James Burke, Miguel Carter-Fisher, Bill Fisher, Miles Hall

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, February 15, 6–8PM


James Burke

When I Ruled the World


Blue Collar


Drift Away


Young Buck



White Collar



Miguel Carter-Fisher


Adriene's Back






Dad in the ICU





The Family


The Window


Bill Fisher


Coal Train









Sacred Heart and Alphabet


Sister Claire DeVota


Miles Hall


Decapitation Forest



Deconstructing the Apoclypse in Her Own Image


Schurz, Nevada


Bridge Over New Vada


Scarcely Planted, Scarcely Sown


Abandoned, Schurz, Nevada


Dillon Gallery: Gallery Artists Explore the Concept of Innocence Lost
Manning Lobby Feature: Jennifer Jean Costello