Bancroft Gallery

Made in America
Jan 10—Feb 9

Made in America

Deedee AgeeJames EarlRay Genereux

Jan 10–Feb 9

Bancroft Gallery: SSAC Gallery Artists – “Made in America," Juror, Laura Montgomery


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MADE IN AMERICA (scroll down for selected images of the exhibition)
South Shore Art Center
Juror: Laura Montgomery

Juror’s Notes:
The “MADE IN AMERICA” exhibit contains artwork and imagery made by the impressive creative talents of Gallery Artist members of South Shore Art Center. The combined assembly of work offers a breadth of American iconographic imagery through a diversity of expressive media.  From the various representations of Old Glory; the exhibit is speckled with red, white and blue, to vintage Detroit autos, cowboy boots, and a North Western Native American Totem detail, the exhibit provides scenery, views, portraits, details, and glimpses of much that is American. Works in oils, watercolor, pastel, photography, digital media, graphic art, fiber art, collage, sculpture, and book art demonstrate the range of media through which this American theme is expressed.  The show contains landscapes of our own unique South Eastern Mass sea-side geographic locale, a robust painterly representation of a bald eagle, aspects of Americana in the form of a fried dough stand, vintage automobiles, and a flag festooned front porch.  American issues like consumerism, female body-image, and nature conservancy are imbedded in some works. The Statue of Liberty, Marilyn Monroe, Dubble Bubble gum, Jif Peanut Butter, Tie Dye, Broadway and the South Shore all make cameo appearances. The combined elements and visual fragments form an amalgam; that like the term melting pot, describe this group’s collective concept of America nestled into the Cohasset Village.


1st place
Ted Polomis, “American Made”
oil on canvas
An exquisitely rendered still-life painting with vintage toy trucks & blocks on mantle- sure to evoke the child, or thrill the collector in all of us. The artist’s expert draftsmanship, the image’s photorealist efficiency and nostalgic charm make Ted’s “American Made” a South Shore Winner!


2nd place
Patricia Berube, “Barbie”
Indeed, Barbie an American made icon and lightening rod of controversy. This second wave feminist was glad to find the body-image discourse contained in Berube’s “Barbie.”  A triptych print that presents the unreality of Barbie vs.normal feminine proportions alluding to the American preoccupation with the manufactured female image and this seemingly benign doll’s impact on girls.


3rd place
Ray Genereux, “NY, NY” & Dubble Bubble”
digital print on wood panel
American POP icon nostalgic graphic goodness! Two crisp, color-saturated digital collage mash-ups of familiar New York and 50s and 60s pop culture references. Nicely composed, printed and presented.


4th place
Margaret McWethy, “Jif”
oil on board
Choosey Artists Choose Jif! A careful, loving portrait of a peanut butter jar! Peanut butter, an American original born out of the 50ies.
“Jif” a gem of a painting honoring this American snack-time culinary delight. 


Honorable Mention
Joreen Benbenek, “Where the Light Falls”
oil on canvas
A luscious large landscape “Where the Light Falls” appeals to the sensibilities via its capturing of light and encompassing view containing land, sea, and big sky. Ms. Benbenek has painted the kind of scene that reminds us why the coastal areas of Southern Mass are so special.


Honorable Mention
Catherine Caddigan, suite of photographs
A pair of sharp, color photographs detailing brightly colored graffitied, numbered structures that seem to be old airplanes or ships. Well composed, printed and presented.


Honorable Mention
Dianne Dolan, “Barking up the Wrong Tree”
artist’s book
A well crafted, hand-made artist’s book that made me wonder, ”Has Peter Madden been teaching down here on the South Shore?” Ms. Dolan’s “Barking Up the Wrong Tree” created from locally sourced tree bark and a photographic image of a stand of trees is a birch- bark- bound visual ode.

Honorable Mention
Marie Peters, “Pay Later”
American political protest and dissent art is one of my penchants. Ms. Peter’s “Pay Later” collage critique of the American way of buying now and paying later, along with the government’s endorsement via the bald eagle representation, is a cleverly executed cut and paste crafted comment on one of America’s ills.



Deedee Agee “Motherwell I”

“Motherwell II”


Dana Barunas

“Late Afternoon Glow”

“Beware – the Plovers”

“Poppies on the Ridge”


Robert Beaulieu

“49 Ford Forgotten”

“First Snow”


Joreen Benbenek

“Cove Cottage”

“Where the Light Falls”


Patricia Berube



Janet Blagdon

“Monoprint Collage”


Maureen Brookfield

“American Maid”

“The American Weigh”

“Home on the Range”


Catherine Caddigan “P51”

“Flying Fortress”


Mary Callahan

“Dorchester Bowl”


Stephanie Roberts-Camello

“Guarded Space”

“Ascending the Summit”


Nancy Connolly

“Fall Waters Roll In”



Dianne Dolan

“Captain America”

, “Barking Up the Wrong Tree”


Kathleen Draper-Garner

“Product of…”







Joan Drescher

“One Sky, Two Worlds

Jim Earl

“Night Train from Windsor”

“Gloucester Boat Yard”


Sue Gallagher

“The Old Gal”

“Sara’s Dough”


Ray Genereux

“New York, New York”

“Dubble Bubble”


Patricia Gray

“Made in America”

“The Wind at Bodie”


Stephanie Grenadier

“The Face that Launched A Thousand Ships”

“A Dream Deferred”


Becky Haletky

"The Wind at Bodie"


Anne Heywood



Virginia Holloway

“Golden Gate”


Nancy Sargent Howell

“Heading to Swans”


Danguole Rita Kuolas,





Susan Dragoo Lembo

“A Checkered Past”

“Family Portrait”


Elizabeth Lilly


“Pear o’Docks”


Peggy Roth Major

“Tie Dye”










Sally McCarthy

“Hope & Wishie”

“Hope and Wishie by the Fire”


Jan McElhinny



Margaret McWethy



Michele Meister

“Earth & Sky Series”


Dianne E. Miller

“Faded Glory”


Judith Montminy

“City View IV”

"Route 1 Lodging"


Marie Peters

“Pay Later”

“Mixed Stitches”


Ted Polomis

“American Made”


Betty Rogers

“Line Dance”


Judith Rossman

“Folded Vessel”


Vcevy Strekalovsky

“Appeal to the Great Spirit”


Judy St. Peter

“Good Morning America”



Mary Taylor



Valerie Forte Vitali

“Dreaming in Turquoise, 1965”


Tim Waite

“Marginal Blue”



Mary Wilkas

“Out of Darkness Comes the Hands that Reach Through Nature— Molding Men”








Selected Works


Deedee Agee

Deedee Agee

Motherwell I

28 x 25 in, monotype



Deedee Agee

Deedee Agee

Motherwell II

21 x 21 in, monotype



Trish Berube

Patricia Berube


30 x 48 in, print



Jim Earl

Jim Earl

Gloucester Boat Yard

18 x 18 in, watercolor



Catherine Caddigan

Catherine Caddigan

Flying Fortress

20 x 17 in (framed), digital photography



Catherine Caddigan

Catherine Caddigan


20 x 17 in (framed), digital photography


Sue Scavo Gallagher

Sue Scavo Gallagher

The Old Gal

19.5 x 19.5 in, color photograph




Ray Genereaux

Ray Genereux

New York New York

23 x 30 in, digital art on wood panel




Stephanie Grenadier

Stephanie Grenadier

A Dream Deferred

16 x 20 in, photograph




Stephanie Grenadier

Stephanie Grenadier

The Face that Launched a Thousand Ships

16 x 20 in, photograph




Nancy Sargent Howell

Nancy Sargent Howell

Heading to Swans

12 x 24 in, acrylic




Ray Genereux

Ray Genereux

Dubble Bubble

30 x 23 in, digital art on wood panel




Danquole Rita Kuolas

Danguole Rita Kuolas


32 x 12 in, handmade paper/collagraph print (paper made from locally grown hostas) ink, string & Hanging clips, all made in USA



Susan Dragoo Lembo

Sue Dragoo Lembo

Family Portrait

18 x 36 in, oil



Margaret McWethy

Margaret McWethy


8 x 16 in, oil on board




Judith Montminy

Judith Montminy

City View IV

5 x 7 in, inkjet print




Judith Montminyt

Judith Montminy

Route 1 Lodging

11 x 14 in, archival digital print




Ted Polomis

Ted Polomis

American Made

11 x 36 in, oil on panel




Judy St. Peter

Judy St. Peter

Good Morning America

29 x 23 in, acrylic




Laura Montgomery, Director, The Mary L. Fifield Art Gallery at Bunker Hill Community College—Juror, Biography

Laura L. Montgomery earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts-Boston in 1982. She was a UMB Art Department major and received certificates in Communications and Women’s Studies. Montgomery received her Master of Fine Arts degree in Media and Performing Arts through the Studio for Interrelated Media Department at the Massachusetts College of Art in ’92. She also completed graduate course work in Critical and Creative Thinking and Instructional Media at UMass/Boston. Her background in studio art making includes photography, site specific installation, word and text as art, and assemblage collage/sculpture. Her work has been included in exhibits at the Federal Reserve Bank, The Boston Public Library, UMass Harbor Arts Gallery, Radcliffe College’s Bunting Institute, Mobius, Boston Center for the Arts Mills Gallery, Bunker Hill Community College Art Gallery, The Artist’s Foundation Gallery, and The Karl Schurz Haus German-American Institute, Freidburg, Germany among others.


Having cut her teeth in the art world as a volunteer and later a work study student at UMB’s Harbor Arts Gallery, she has been involved in the start-up, management, and operation of galleries ever since. Most notably her gallery affiliations have been as founding member of B.Y.O.A. (Bring Your Own Art) a gallery collective with a no barriers to exhibiting art philosophy, Grand Central Arts at Central Congregational Church, and currently as Director of the Bunker Hill Community College ART GALLERY where she has mounted more than 53 exhibitions in the last 9 years supporting the work of more than 1000 individual artists. Montgomery is also an Adjunct Professor of Art History in the BHCC Visual and Media Arts Department and has taught a variety of arts and media courses at North Shore Community College, Mass College of Art, The Social and National Institute, Saudi Arabia.


Montgomery was the first curator to include Lou Jones’ Final Exposure, Portraits from Death Row photographs in a gallery exhibit, several years later mounting a solo exhibit of the entire essay at BHCC as the death penalty bill debate was waged and defeated in Massachusetts. Similarly she is the only curator to mount a gallery exhibit of the work of nationally acclaimed and long-time Boston Globe photographer, Bill Brett. Montgomery is regularly sought as a consultant for art gallery start-up & management best practices, community building through the arts, emerging artists’ motivational talks, and is a frequent exhibitions juror.


Feb 14–March 23 • OPENING RECEPTION: Feb 14, 6–8 PM
Bancroft Gallery: National Juried Show • Love—Juror: Eric Aho

Eric Aho is an American painter known for his gestural, abstracted paintings that evoke natural forms. While Aho works from his impressions of the landscape, he also draws upon major pillars of art history—such as works by De Kooning and Goya—to define his compositions. Recent solo exhibitions include Eric Aho: In the Landscape at the Federal Reserve Board, Washington, DC (2013); Translation at DC Moore Gallery in New York City (2013); Transcending Nature: Paintings by Eric Aho at the Currier Museum of Art, New Hampsire (2012); and Eric Aho: Ice Box at the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center in Vermont (2009). His work is included in the permanent collections of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, CA; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA; among others. Aho’s paintings have also been shown internationally in Ireland, South Africa, Cuba, Norway, and Finland, among others.

LOVE Accepted Artists


Susan Ahearn, Cup Of Love

Robert Beaulieu, Love bus 69

Kevin Belanger, Mediated1

Michelle Belanger, Shivers

Robert Bent, Sunset in New Mexico with Alcohol

Jamie Bowman, Doll House on Prison Hill

Donald Cooper, “Burn myself completely for
Him and souls.” Mother Teresa

Mary Doering, I am Through With Love

Mary Doering, Leaving

Russell duPont, Mother & Son

Scott Estelle, Bitter Fruit

Scott Estelle, Last Call

Scott Estelle, Collateral Damage

Susan Scavo Gallagher, Twin Trunks

John Haubrich, Heart Throb

Amanda Herzog, The lovers

Virginia Holloway, Going Through the Emotions

Scott Hunter, Ada or Ardor

Scott Hunter, Loop

Laurie Kaplowitz, Lustre

Janice Kirby-McElhinny, At Last

Bob Madden, Different For Everyone

Jane McCambley, Portals Triptych

Daniel McCormack,


Daniel McCormack, Vera_J_4-28-13--13AC

Frank Moccaldi, Love of Country


Judith Montminy, On the brink

Gail Nathanson, First Dance

RobertOlshansky, Reverie

Robert Olshansky, Lover’s moment

Jihwan Park, Broken Love

Jihwan Park, Torn

Beverly Rippel, Paint On Canvas I ( terrain)

Beverly Rippel, Paint On Canvas X (red family)

Ariel Ruvinsky, Sister Aloysius

Michelle Sarkisian, Little Birds Love


Michelle Sarkisian, Woodpeckers Love to
Climb Clocks

Jody Servon, Alan’s Hairbrush from the
Saved Project

Lorraine Sullivan, Unconditional Love Activated

Amalia Tagaris, Love

Kate True, The Green Bridge

Gary Urgonski, Odyssey from the Heartland

Gary Urgonski, Electroshock - Me and
My Dad 1958

your mother's a feminist
(Dustina Wessman-Smerdon), we.

Caroline West, Change Agent

Timothy Wilson, Holding Hands

Carol Wontkowski, Heartless

Carol Wontkowski, From the Bottom of My Heart

Carol Wontkowski, Taken





Images at top: Laurie Kaplowitz, Lustre • Scott Hunter, Ada or Ardor • Donald Cooper, “Burn myself completely for Him and souls.” Mother Teresa

Image details at left: Susan Ahearn, Cup Of Love • Michelle Belanger, Shivers • Susan Scavo Gallagher, Twin Trunks • Virginia Holloway, Going Through the Emotions • Janice Kirby-McElhinny, At Last • Carol Wontkowski, Taken


Dillon Gallery: Interior Spaces—Deedee Agee, Kim Alemian, Patricia Berube, Susan Denniston, Esther Maschio, James Baker Faculty
Feature: Nancy Colella
OPENING RECEPTION: Feb 14, 6–8 PM March 28–May 4



March 28–May 4     

Bancroft Gallery: Organic Matters: Jan Lhormer, Curator

Bailey Bob Bailey, Mike Carroll, Betty Carroll Fuller, Breon Dunigan, Jan Lhormer, Carol Odell,
Francie Randolph, Bert Yarborough

Dillon Gallery: CHROMA: Working in Color—Janet Blagdon, Irma Cerese, Andrea Kemler, Jeanne McKenna and Monice Morenz



May 7–May 20          

ART FORUM–Middle School Artists


May 23–July 13      

SSAC FACULTY & Visiting Artists                 
DILLON GALLERY: Gallery Artist Prize Show



June 13–15                

59th Annual Arts Festival  Fri, 1–7; Sat, 10–7; Sun, 12–5


July 18–Aug 31

Bancroft and Dillon Galleries: BLUE RIBBON MEMBERS’ SHOW



Sep 12 –Oct 19

Bancroft Gallery: Printmaking Show – Ann Guiliani, Curator