Taking Notice

May 30–July 15

Taking Notice: Sculptors Respond to Nature

May 30 – July 15      Taking Notice: Sculptors Respond to Nature
Curated by Kitty Wales and Sachiko Akiyama

Carly Glovinski, Andy Rosen, Chris Patch, Sarah Wagner, Rachel Frank, Tory Fair, Jessica Strauss, Angela Cunningham, Deb Pettengill
OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, May 30, 6–8PM

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Curated by Kitty Wales and Sachiko Akiyama, Taking Noticebrings together a diverse group of contemporary sculptors who through careful observation and study reframe the human relationship with nature. Featured artists include: Sachiko Akiyama, Angela Cunningham, Tory Fair, Rachel Frank, Carly Glovinski, Chris Patch, Andy Rosen, Deborra Stewart-Pettengill, Jessica Strauss, Sarah Wagner, Kitty Wales.


Works included in Taking Notice address fragile eco-systems, humor, politics, and metaphor as well as trompe l’oeil, performance, and the tensions between human and animal.  All of the techniques used to make the exhibition’s sculptures involve patience and a high level of craftsmanship. In all cases, the art has a thoughtful presence that invites the viewer to pause and consider these interpretations of our complex natural world.


American Bison, Rachel Frank, Closer, Angela Cunningham,

Crowing at False Dawn, Kitty Wales
Chiroptera, Christopher Patch, Commander, Andy Rosen,

Daydreamer, Tory Fair


Large White Poppy, Sarah Wagner, The Dance and The Divide, Jessica Straus, From Root to Sky, Sachiko Akiyama


Crenellate, Deborra Stewart-Pettengill, American Bison I (From the Rewilding Project), Rachel Frank


Crowing at False Dawn, Kitty Wales, Commander, Andy Rosen


Art work by Christopher Patch, Sachiko Akiyama, Rachel Frank


Chiroptera, Christopher Patch


Chiroptera, Christopher Patch


From Root to Sky, Sachiko Akiyama


A scene from the opening reception


Untitled (plant hardiness zone map), Carly Glovinski


Bock's Pond: Para-Sites/Para-Noids, Sarah Wagner


Chiroptera, Christoper Patch


Crowing at False Dawn, Kitty Wales

Invisible Healing World, Sarah Wagner


Commander, Andy Rosen, Daydreamer and Work Boots, Tory Fair




Dillon Gallery: Gallery Artists Respond to Nature
Manning Lobby Feature: Artist in Residence: Lisa Goren—The Polar Landscape

Sep 14 – Nov 4 StreetARTISTS | Bogota –> Boston  curated by Kim Alemian
Dast, Cedric "Vise1" Douglas, Percy Fortini-Wright, Desmond Herzfelder, Diana Londono, Destiny Palmer, Zokos        

Dillon Gallery: Reflection curated by Kim Alemian
Richard Alemian, Sue Scavo Gallagher, Stephanie Roberts-Camello, Kim Alemian
Opening Reception: TBD, 6–8 pm