Vantage Point

Jan 8–Feb 21

Vantage Point

Jan 8–Feb 21   

Vantage Point—SSAC Gallery Artists, Sponsored by: Image Resolutions

juried by Catherine Kernan, Director of Maud Morgan Arts, Cambridge, MA

OPENING RECEPTION: Sponsored by Trader Joe's, Friday January 8, 6–8 pm


Juror’s Statement
The number of skilled and accomplished artworks awaiting my perusal was impressive, and I commend all members of the South shore Art Center who submitted work.

My intention as a juror was to select work that would make a cohesive exhibition without crowding the walls. This meant that some very worthy pieces had to be excluded for the sake of thematic unity and clarity. I looked for relationships between pieces, and a variety of visual voices that would carry on a conversation.

It was an honor to be the juror for this exhibit, and I sincerely hope that my selections make a cohesive and interesting show. 

First Prize
Patricia Berube, Sledding Bunny

Sledding Bunny by Patricia Berube caught my eye for its scale, and a graphic organization that encompasses contrasts of scale, value, and mark-making. The integration of figurative elements and abstract expressiveness is a very successful combination of casual process and formal thoughtfulness that transcends the specific medium.

Patricia Berube


Second Prize
Anthony Pilla, Allegory of the Cave

Allegory of the Cave by Anthony Pilla has an evocative organic flow of positive and negative marks and restrained tonality in keeping with the title. References to the Cave (perhaps Plato’s) reinforce a sense of mystery and searching along pathways both inward and outward. The medium and the message converge to make this a successful image that deserves close examination.
Tony Pilla

Third Prize
Catherine Caddigan, A Look Back

The quiet and self-reflective voice of A Look Back by Catherine Caddigan provoked thoughts of past, present and future with an economy of references. The asymmetrical composition suggests unsettled thoughts, a shifting process of examining fragments of the past. This is subtlety reinforced by the repetition of eyes.
Catherine Caddigan


Joe Norris for Night Beach and South Bend

Joe Norris JOe Norris

Nancy Colella for The Meadow and The Woods

Nancy Colella Nancy Colella

Elizabeth Lilly for Afloat

Elizabeth Lilly


Accepted Artists


Deedee Agee
Susan Ahearn
Trish Berube
Janet C. Blagdon
Catherine Caddigan
Marion Carlson
JoAnne Chittick
Nancy Colella
Ann Conte
Susan Denniston
Joan Drescher
Sue Scavo Gallagher
Larry Guilmette



Sara Holbrook
Danguole Rita KuolasElizabeth Lilly
Ken Lindgren
Margaret McWethy
Monice Morenz
Joe Norris
Laurinda O’Connor
Marie Peters
Anthony Pilla
Diana Barker Price
Stephanie Roberts-Camello
Judith Rossman
Mike Sleeper





Dillon Gallery:  Shutters: Joan Collins, Peggy Roth Major, Joe Reardon, Tim Waite, Ronald Wilson