Bancroft Gallery

Blue Ribbon Members' Show
July 19–Sept 1

Blue Ribbon Members' Show

James MartenDesmond Herzfelder
Lynne McCauley
Danielle StandonTed PolomisMarianne deVaux

July 19–September 1       
Bancroft Gallery: Blue Ribbon Members' Show
Dillon Gallery:  Blue Ribbon Members' Show continued
Faculty Feature: Lisa Houck
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, July 19, 6–8 PM


Blue Ribbon Members' Show—juror's comments


Sean Fitzgerald awarded Blue Ribbons to:


Susan Ahearn, Peonies

This piece truly reflects that powerful things can in fact come in small packages. This little painting instantly reminded me of Vermeer. Excellent use of color and composition. The brush strokes are evident but their subtlety blends into the image itself.


J Michael Sullivan, Monhegan Light, Study #3

In this age of digital media this photo for captures everything that a photo can be, without, the often overdone, overused Photoshop tricks. This photo harks back to the classics of silver gelatin printsDorothea Langewith its simple yet effective composition. Yet the photo has a surreal, almost painterly feel from the excellent use of digital effects in post production. I feel drawn into the space, I want to hear the crickets and smell the cut grass.


Tim Waite, Compass

Intimate image, personal. The viewer is drawn into the “space”, in this case a box--could it be a shipping box, traveling saleman’s case? A child’s old 45rpm record player? Yet the use of wire causes the viewer to visually and physically stand back. The dial makes me think and feel a sense of linear time. Time taken, time spent...


Mary Taylor, Wild Man

This print is deceptive. The Monoprint; quick, often a gesture-composed and executed like a gesture drawing. Not this print. First glance. Flattened, almost digital image-like. The more you look the more layers emerge. Excellent use of materials. Image transfer techniques, the collage all so sublimely put together... Makes it look easy, again referencing back to its deceptive nature. All of this wrapped into a monoprint-great piece.


Honorable Mention:

Lynn Ray, Tea and Sympathy—Classic still-life. Well crafted.

Esther Maschio, Chicken from Hell—Just a stunning image. Color and shape alone but the use of collage and the idea of “breaking a precious object” like a print and reconstructed on a box frame.

Joe Norris, North of Buoy 4—  Color, space, texture and material. This piece just works. I love the tension the almost iron/copper rivets make to this piece. The pencil marks, break the surface and show the maker’s hand.

Stephen Boczanowski, Fishing Dragger III love the use of color, line and composition used in this piece. The color just pops off the canvas. The lines takes my eye follow them to the edges. The composition, the abrupt ending of the planes lend to its success. My brain wants to finish the focal areawhere’s the rest of the boat? But that adds to the interest for me.

Danielle Stanton, The Harvest Mouse Excellent use of materials. Great image.

Ted Polomis, Pear with Apple One word for this piece. Amazing. Excellent work.

David Lang, Flexible Flyer— This piece has the beauty of a piece of furniture and the playfulness of “The Land of the Misfit Toys”. Great job.

Stefanie Waite & Stephanie Grenadier, SisterGreat image.

Desmond Herzfelder, People in Pink— Just plain fun!

Dana Barunas, Point Lobos Arch Excellent use of pastels!

September 20–November 3       
Bancroft Gallery: Transforming African Modernism: 25 Years of Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture (1980—2005)
Transforming African Modernism: 25 Years of Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture (1980—2005
Dillon Gallery: Vistas: World’s End and BeyondJoAnne Chittick, Constance Cummings,
James Earl, Margaret McWethy and Frank Strazzulla, Jr.

Faculty Feature: Eli Cedrone

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, September 20, 6–8 pm


November 8–December 22       
Bancroft Gallery: CoolNational Show juried by Joseph Carroll
ENTRY BY WEBSITE UPLOAD ONLY Online entries link: https://c

Dillon Gallery: Simple Gifts by Gallery Artists
Faculty Feature: Anne Heywood

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, November 8, 6–8 pm

Images at Top Banner: Joanne Kaczowka—Peonies, Michael Weymouth—Penobscot Bay, David Petty—Female Face


Images from top left: James Marten—Abstract Painting #22, Desmond Herzfelder—People in Pink (diptych detail), Mary Smith—Alfante, Spain, Lynne McCauley—Blue Sunset, Danielle Stanton—Harvest Mouse, Ted Polomis—Pear with Apple, Marianne deVaux—Grey Lady Near Lorraine's