69th.Arts Festival 2024

June 14 - 16

Arts Festival


69th Annual South Shore Arts Festival
June 14 - 16, 2024


South Shore Art Center is delighted to announce that we will bring our annual Arts Festival back to the community with an in-person celebration on Cohasset Town Common this Father's Day Weekend.




# 22
Cove Lane Pottery
Deborah McCarty
Click here for Cove Lane Pottery Website

# 55
Merrimack Mud Company
Lada Brendan
Click here for Merrimack Mud Co Website

# 14
Rowhouse Pottery
Chelsea Summersall
Click here for Rowhouse Pottery Website





# 3
Caggiano Arts
Joyce Caggiano
Click here for Caggiano Arts Website

# 4
Clover Art
Anna Nicholas
Click here for Clover Art Gallery Website

# 30
Creative Connections

Rita Christodoulopoulos
Click here for Creative Connections Website


# 8
Heather Frank Studio
Heather Frank
Click here for the Heather Frank Studio Website

# 27
Kitunga Fashion
Patrice Lumumba

# 42
Lonely Arts & Crafts Studio and Frame Center
Jade Proule
Click here for the Lonely Arts & Crafts Studio Website

# 11
Newton Street Designs
Amy Tarlton
Click here for the Newton Street Designs Website

# 38
The Kona Brand
Will Zachary
Click here for The Kona Brand Website

# 41
Woven Stories
Sherry Dwivedi


# 37
Abigail Hanks Arts
Abigail Hanks
Click here for Abigail Hanks Website

# 47
Betsy Barry Art & Designs
Betsy Barry
Click here for Betsy Barry Website

# 6
Carolyn Mulvey Art
Carolyn Mulvey
Click here for the Carolyn Mulvey Website

# 31

Nancy Connolly, Nina Steele Wellford, Jane Widiger

# 1
Holly Wach Art
Holly Wach
Click here for the Holly Wach Website


# 43
Jeremy Schilling Fine Art
Jeremy Schilling
Click here for Jeremy Schilling's Website

# 39
Karen Murphy Fine Art

Karen Murphy
Click here for Karen Murphy Fine Art Website


# 59
L E Sommerville
Lauren Sommerville
Click here for the L E Sommerville Website

# 17
Love Drawing Animals
Emer McCourt
Click here for the Emer McCourt Website


# 34
B and B Glass Studio
Bob Brown
Click here for the B and B Glass Studio Website

# 16
Cynthia Greene Artist
Cynthia Greene

# 7
Monger Sea Glass Art
Alison Monger
Click here for the Monger Sea Glass Art Instagram Page

# 57
Custom Mosaic Designs
Steven Pelletier
Click here for the Custom Mosaic Designs Website




# 9
Erin Nelson Jewelry
Erin Nelson
Click here for Erin Nelson Jewelry Website

# 48
Georgia Marie Designs
Georgia Burrell
Click here for the Georgia Marie Designs Website

# 36
Happy Girl Jewelry
Donna Stetson
Click here for Happy Girl Jewelry Website

M Pearl
Monique Sousa

# 26
Natalie Reed Fine Jewelry
Natalie Reed
Click here for Natalie Reed Fine Jewelry Website

# 18
No Fixed Geometry

Samantha Kravitz
Click here for No Fixed Geometry Website

# 44
Nurit Niskala Metal Jewelry
Nurit Niskala
Click here for Nurit Niskala Metal Jewelry Website


# 24
Sea Salt & Silver

Courtney Hutchings
Click here for Sea Salt & Silver Website

# 50
Susan Bryant Caron Handcrafted Jewelry
Susan Caron
Click here for Susan Bryant Caron Handcrafted Jewelry Website

# 13
Two Son Jewelry
Lisa Cutler
Click here for Two Son Jewelry Website

# 28
Virginia Stevens Designs
Virginia Stevens
Click here for Virginia Stevens Designs Website


# 10
Harrington Hangers
David Harrington
Click here for the Harrington Hangers Website

# 25
RIchard Kaish Designs
Richard Kaish


# 23
Catherine Worthington Art
Catherine Worthington
Click here for Catherine Worthington Website

# 33
Eric Darling Art
Eric Darling
Click here for Eric Darling Website

# 45
Oceanna Art
Donna Cotoulas

# 54
River's End Design
Bruce Buckley

# 32
Passion for Resin
Terri Costello
Click here for Passion for Resin Website


# 52
Cornucopia Crafts - The Art of Recycling

Fran Cleaves

# 51
Henna by Heather
Heather Caunt-Nulton
Click here for Henna by Heather Website

# 20
Huntington Base Ball Co.
William Peebles
Click here for Huntington Base Ball Co. Website

# 53
Love Nene
Nicole Kovalsky
Click here for Love Nene Website

# 40
Mary Grayken
Mary Grayken

# 19
Patrice Kelley

Kids Activities

# 21
Zucchini Fish
Carey Shaulus
Click here for Zucchini Fish Website


# 12
Aquidneck Honey

Mark Nardella
Click here for the Aquidneck Honey Website

# 49
Holly's Heavenly Creations

Holly Candon
Click here for Holly's Heavenly Creations Website

# 15
Nectar of the Vine

Lisa Wilson
Click here for the Nectar of the Vine Website


# 5
Margot Cheel Photography

Margot Cheel
Click here for the Margot Cheel Website

# 60
Michael James Murray Art

Michael Murray
Click here for the Michael James Murray Art Website


# 2
Goodness Remedies

Christina Sutter
Click here for the Goodness Remedies Website

# 58
Love The Ruths Soy Candles

Danielle Ruth
Click here for the Love The Ruths Soy Candles Website

# 56
No Country for Beardless Men

Robert Lagrutta
Click here for the No Country for Beardless Men Website


# 46
Adult & Teen Challenge Massachusetts

Brian Johnson
Click here for the Adult & Teen Challenge Massachusetts Website

# 35
Massachusetts South Shore Woodturners

Billy Martin
Click here for the Massachusetts South Shore Woodturners Website


SSAC Arts Festival




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