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Visiting Artists W14
Dan Welden


503 Pastel Painting

Deborah Quinn-Munson


In this two-day workshop students will explore basic pastel painting techniques with a watercolor under-painting (under-painting optional). Emphasis will be on developing strong, dynamic compositions and developing a fairly loose, painterly approach to working with pastel. Demonstrations will be given followed by exercises in design, value, color and technique. We will closely examine the relationship of large shape to small, dark value to light and warm color to cool, for example, to see how these painting elements work together to create strong paintings. Students will create quick studies and sketches followed by more developed paintings. Individual instruction will be tailored to participant needs.


3/30, 3/31 Sat–Sun 9:30–3:30

$380M $425NM 2 classes

Non Members


527 Small Format Still Life Painting and Drawing

Kathleen Jacobs

Working from a visually interesting still-life, students will explore the underpinning of great painting, that is “composition”. Thumbnail drawings will help students begin the painting process, to seek and decipher space in order to understand the relationships between objects and the structure before them. Proportion, shape, form, and color will be explored. Working small, students will paint quickly, with the goal to push to see abstracted and simplified forms without an over analysis of detail. All skill levels welcome.


2/2, 2/3 Sat–Sun 9:00–4:00

$235M $280NM 2 classes)

Non Members


540 Drawing with Light in the Print Studio

Marc St. Pierre

This workshop is an introduction to working with photo polymer plates. We will explore drawing and mark making on translucent surfaces such as ground glass and mylar. The results will be transferred to plates using a light source. Polymer plates are developed in water and ready to print after drying. We will use a variety of drawing tools on the first day and experiment with printing techniques on day two. The workshop is open to beginners with no printmaking experience as well as experienced printmakers. This process also lends itself to photographers who could bring positive transparencies to the workshop. Please consult with the instructor ahead of time to prepare your materials beforehand. Photo polymer plates will be available for purchase based on pre-registration.


1/26, 1/27 Sat–Sun 9:30–4:00

$235M $280NM 2 classes

Non Members

560 Expressive Collage with Oil Pastel

Jill Pottle

This workshop will explore the direct color medium of oil pastel (craypas) while using collage to build up layers of colors, tones and values. These materials are a natural together. Working from still life and landscape as subject matter students will develop provocative compositions based on a variety of materials. Students will push this medium to its limits and work on small artworks as well as large. The descriptive line will be used to describe form like a Matisse and areas of color will define the value and descriptions of forms similar to Bonnard. All levels are welcome.

3/23, 3/24 Sat–Sun 9:30–3:30
$255M $300NM 2 classes

Non Members


561 Encaustic: Layers, Translucency and See-Throughs

Dietlind vander Schaaf

This workshop is designed to take students beyond the basics involved in working with encaustic by offering participants a deeper understanding of how to create paintings that suggest depth and dimension. An emphasis will be placed on composition and expressing meaning through an exploration of accumulating marks, drawings, and image transfers at varying levels. In addition, students will learn about surface preparation, brush manipulation, layering, collage and embedding. The structure and presentation of this class allows plenty of time for students to explore and develop their own personal ideas and visual vocabulary on larger or multiple panels.

5/18, 5/19 Sat–Sun 9:30–3:30
$260M $305NM 2 classes

Non Members




Visiting Artists since 1999

Since 1999, South Shore Art Center has hosted master workshops with outstanding, nationally-recognized artists. The Visiting Artist program provides a challenging and in-depth opportunity for participants to be nurtured and inspired in our studios and on location—taking advantage of the stunning coastal landscape. Each year, hundreds of working artists and students from throughout New England participate in three to five day workshops.

Students work in our studios and on location in our beautiful coastal landscape. Register online or call 781-383-2787.

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Images at top: Emily Passman, Timothy Hawkesworth
Image at left side: Dan Welden