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501 Masks and Mirrors: Portraiture Today/A Drawing Class

Bill Flynn

What is portraiture in the 21st century? How do you see yourself and others? We will look for new ways to visualize the portrait. What is behind the mask and how much of it do we need to see? What associations, artifacts, symbols and mediums help define the inner life? We will examine the perceptual vs. the conceptual and the direct vs. the indirect ways of arriving at images to construct an individual’s identity. Problems will be given as starting points, with some work to be done in class and outside of class. Experimentation with collage is highly encouraged and may include old letters, pages from cookbooks, art books, newspapers, plastic, wood, cloth fragments, or anything that will set the stage for the idea to build on. This course moves into the known and the unknown areas of portraiture: dare and imagination are necessary. The investigation and focus in this work will relate to how other visual concepts about your art can be developed; that is, how the portrait becomes part of an artist’s evolution through their work.

6/9–6/11 Fri–Sun 9:30–3:30
$450M $495NM 3 classes

Non Members

522 The Not So Still "Still Life"

Jill Pottle

Capturing the magical luster of metals—whether high-shine or low-luster —sets the stage for paintings of dramatic effect. Learn to paint the reflections of shiny objects and subtle transparencies in glass forms. Through demonstrations, instruction, and exercises, you will discover techniques that will enable you to capture the flash and flare of metal and glass, while responding expressively to the challenges of reflected light on transparent surfaces. Drawing and some painting experience is required.

6/4 Sun 9:30–3:30 1 class
$150M $195NM

Non Members


560 Mixed Media Drawing and Painting

Maria Malatesta

This multi-media class encourages an exploration of materials and finding one’s process in the transition from drawing to painting. We will begin drawing from observation and quickly move into the addition of various materials. You may choose to work in representation or abstraction or transform your drawing to include the imagined or remembered. Charcoal, graphite, pastel, oil pastel, ink, shellac, and acrylic paints will all be introduced. The addition of collage and photographic transfers may also be integrated into the work. Finding a personal preference to materials, mark making, and surface will be discussed in relation to meaning. We will look at the work of Jim Dine, Christopher Wool, Kiki Smith, Robert Rauschenberg, Cy Twombly, Julie Mehretu and many others. Come with lots of paper, as we will work vigorously. Open to all levels.

5/27, 5/28 Sat–Sun 9:30–3:30
$225M $260NM 2 classes

Non Members


565 Expanding Your Vision With Oil & Cold Wax

Lisa Pressman

The focus of this workshop will be on expanding your personal vocabulary and vision through a series of exercises that will loosen you up and also help you discover techniques of moving paint. We will be exploring cold wax and other media to create expressive, richly surfaced paintings. Materials such as: R&F pigment sticks; graphite, ink, pastels and oil paint will be introduced. Demonstrations will include: layering, excavating, monoprinting,glazing along with, texture, mark making and editing. Students will be encouraged to work in a series, while revisiting the painting process. Activities will include exercises, informal group discussion, individual support, power points and more. We will focus on: content, how to see, and moving the work forward. Some art background would be helpful. Workshop is for beginners to professionals. A supply list will be provided online.

5/19–5/21 Fri–Sun 9:30–4:00
$455M $495NM 3 classes

Members Call to Register
Non Members Call to Register


525 New Opportunities for Creating Abstract Art

Dean Nimmer

Based on Dean’s best-selling book and four new teaching videos produced by North Light Media, this workshop demystifies abstract art and shows you many ways to discover the vast territory of non-objective drawing and painting. We will explore abstract painting, drawing and mixed media techniques working from observation, memory and your own uninhibited imagination. Even if you are just curious to try something that’s out of your comfort zone, this class will fuel your artistic horizons, give you new tools to work with and bolster your unrestricted creativity whatever subject matter you choose to paint! This class is open to all artists no matter what your level of experience.

7/29–7/30 Sat–Sun 9:30–3:30

$300M $340NM 2 classes

Non Members

526 The Dynamics of Painting En Plein-air

Jill Pottle

Learn how to organize and orchestrate the unique colors of summer on canvas or paper.Explore the unique process of painting “en plein air” in the open air to engage with the elements directly and spontaneously. This is a three day workshop exploring the variations of light and color unique to landscape painting. For each session, students will meet at a different outdoor location. On the first day, there will be a demonstration on how to simplify form, create an effective composition, and set up a palette, and students will learn color theory. Students will produce a painting each time while learning to express forms that are often difficult to render or paint such as rocks, trees, groupings of flowers, water, reflections and other surfaces. If the weather is bad, we will meet inside and work from photos. Drawing experience is needed. Bring your outdoor easel, light weight small table, hat, bug spray, sun block, water and whatever else will make you comfortable. A suggested supply list will be available online.

8/18–8/20 Fri–Sun 9:30–3:30
$350M $390NM 3 classes

Non Members

527 Small Format Landscape Drawing and Painting

Kathleen Jacobs

Come paint the inspiring landscape and embrace the exciting challenge of painting and drawing outdoors. Simple hikes will take class members to the riverbanks, the edge of marshes, and the coastline. Initially, there will be an emphasis on drawing the form and structure of the landscape, seeking a certain grace and order from nature. There will be an added emphasis on finding visual unity when composing a sketch that will eventually become a painting. Working small, participants will work quickly to build their paintings allowing the process of drawing from life to create work with a spirit of place. Students of intermediate to advanced levels are welcome, open to all painters using oil, watercolor, acrylic or gouache.

8/4–8/6 Fri–Sun 9:30–3:30
$350M $390NM 3 classes

Non Members

542 Exploring the Print Surface—Monoprint,
Drypoint and Collagraph

Marc St. Pierre

This workshop will use a range of possible surfaces to explore mark making, textural surfaces and patterns. We will carve Sintra, draw using drypoint on PETG (a variant grade of plexiglass) and build collagraph plates. These materials have the potential to be shaped easily and composed by layering. Sintra is very versatile. It can be used for most printmaking processes and at a low cost. Sintra has a plate texture which lends itself to a very light and consistent plate tone. It is perfect for Relief printing and is easy to carve through with some some wood carving tools. The thinner Sintra is great for Drypoint and works equally well in making Collagraphs. There are a lot of materials that adhere nicely to these plates like tape and modeling paste. Another great thing about Sintra and PETG is you can easily cut the plate to any shape you want.

8/23–8/25 Wed–Fri 9:30–3:30
$315M $355NM 3 classes

Non Members

560 Exploring Nature and Place through Mixed
Media Drawing & Painting

Maria Malatesta

In this experimental workshop, we will explore our connection to nature and a personal sense of place. Drawing from memory, photographic reference and writing, we will attempt to deepen the understanding and inspiration that is found in the places that make us feel most alive. We will think about shapes, colors, textures and the qualities of light and space. Repetition of forms and marks, words or gouges may all enter the work. This is a drawing/painting class with the introduction of a variety of materials that include charcoal, graphite, pastel, oil bar and ways of using acrylic paints. Image transfer and collage may also be incorporated into the work. Demonstrations will be given. This is a highly process-oriented class with a focus on exploration and “play” as a way to open your work to new possibilities. The “unfinished” and “suggested” is preferred to finished and polished work. You may work from the real, abstract or imagined.

7/21–7/23 Fri–Sun 9:30–3:30
$350M $390NM 3 classes

Non Members


Visiting Artist Workshops

Since 1999, South Shore Art Center has hosted master workshops with outstanding, nationally-recognized artists. The Visiting Artist program provides a challenging and in-depth opportunity for participants to be nurtured and inspired in our studios and on location—taking advantage of the stunning coastal landscape. Each year, hundreds of working artists and students from throughout New England participate in three to five day workshops.

Students work in our studios and on location in our beautiful coastal landscape. Register online or call
781-383-2787. PDPs available.

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